A simple guide to help you plan a bachelor party for the record books, while alleviating the stress that typically follows     


One of the first steps in planning a bachelor party is for the groom and bridal party to decide who will be the lead planner of the events. Typically, the Best Man is in charge of planning the bachelor party, but another person could be in charge. It is important that the person is organized and willing to take on the responsibility (has the time and willing to secure bookings prior to reimbursement from the group).


After the lead planner is selected they need to speak with the groom, even have him fill out a questionnaire, to better understand the bachelor’s wants and expectations. For example, is the groom looking to hit up night clubs, or looking to go camping? Is he looking to stay close to home, or go somewhere international? Keep in mind, that a lot of cities can offer a variety of different activities, if the groom is looking for a mixture of going out and outdoor excursions. It’s easier to find then it sounds.


The next step is for an initial guest list to be made of everyone the groom would love to attend his bachelor party.


A date and location then need to be selected. It’s a good idea to look at several date options at first to gauge when the majority of the guest list can confirm attendance. An estimate of the weekend’s costs per person should also be provided, so guests can budget accordingly. Once a date, location, and guest list is confirmed accommodations need to be booked. There are a lot of options outside of hotels, such as Air B&B’s and rental properties.


Communication with the group could be through e-mail, group text, what’s app or other means. Confirmation of the details of the event or weekend of festivities should be sent out to all group members once booked. We recommend creating a special e-mail address for communicating information about the bachelor party.  I.e.  Adamtakesvegas2018@gmail.com


Now that the date, location and guest list is finalized a detailed list of information can be gathered, like allergies, dietary restrictions, rooming lists, and arrival & departure information. Make an Excel sheet with the arrival and departure of all attendees and make it public. Doing this will allow people attending the bachelor party to coordinate, share rides, and ultimately save money. It is recommended that each guest be registered with your hotel or accommodation, that way guests can check into their rooms as they arrive.


Assign jobs, no matter how small or large, to everyone attending. For example:

Guest 1 – Book dinner reservations and design and purchase any custom apparel or items

Guest 2 – Hotel/Accommodation Requests

Guest 3 – Music Playlists & Blue Tooth Speakers

Guest 4 – Table Reservations & Nightlife Requests


With input from the groom and rest of the group, the planner needs to put together a rough itinerary of the weekend’s events and plans. Potential itineraries/activities to include:




Day-time Activities/Excursions (fishing, zip lining, ect)

Hotel Accommodations (if staying in different locations)

Pre-Dinner Drinks

Night Life Plans



Especially if it’s a large group (or trying to eat at popular restaurants), it is a good idea to secure dining reservations in advance. Confirm that each restaurant can split checks, or inform the group to come to dinner with cash.


Setup a way for people in the group to easily pay the lead planner, best man, or whoever might be in charge of booking certain aspects of the trip. Possible ways to easily transfer money: Bank Transfer, Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle.


Ordering custom shirts or items for the weekend or specific events is very popular. Examples of different things that could be ordered from Etsy or other online sites: beer glasses, bottle openers, coozies, shot glasses, sunglasses, tank tops/shirts. It’s also very popular for a hash tag to be created and this could be incorporated on the custom items. For the more simple groom, it is recommended you order items that don’t require sizes (i.e. sunglasses, coozies, shot glasses, etc).


 Coordinate with the group to make sure there are several blue tooth speakers being brought. One or several guests can be in charge of making multiple playlists that could be used for/during traveling/car transfers, getting ready, pre-game, post party, etc.


Last but not least, it’s a good idea to have an emergency contact set up and everyone in the group to share contact information. Make sure everyone has your accommodation(s) information and the group’s day and evening plans in case anyone gets separated from the group. While most hotels will charge a fee for additional people in a room, it is worth it to have everyone registered with the hotel in case someone gets separated/locked out of the room and not able to get into contact with the rest of the group.


One thing we forgot to mention, be safe, make life-long memories, and make sure the groom has the best weekend of his life.

Happy Bachelor Party Planning!



Skye & Ankur